Adachi Museum Gardens

The celebrated museum gardens at Yasugi, near Matsue on the northern coast of Western Honshu are an integral part of the Adachi Museum of Art, which portrays the harmonious beauty of Japanese paintings and gardens. The gardens are viewed from inside the Museum with paintings on the inner wall and the garden seen through the living picture frame windows on the outside.

There are a number of gardens at the museum; the pictures here show the pine and white gravel garden with the distant waterfall on the hillside beyond incorporated in the view as part of the shakkei (borrowed landscape). The heavily pruned shrubs are azaleas, which provide a dazzling display of pinks set against the white and green.

The garden on the left is the Pond Garden with the special exhibition hall in the background and stream crashing down into the pond. The picture on the right is another view of the white gravel and pine garden. The piictures show the garden in the fall.