Ohara Temple Complex Gardens

Set in the mountainous forests and tall cryptomaria trees to the north east of Kyoto is the temple complex at Ohara which includes the Sanzen-in temple of the Tendai Buddhist sect, the temple of Shoren-in and the delightful garden of Jikko-in. The gardens at Sanzen-in is a stroll garden through the forest trees underplanted with acers and cherry with a linear pond with crane and tortoise islands. To the south and east sides of the Shoin guestroom is another Edo period stroll garden with pond. The garden is built on the hillside with clipped azaleas amidst a mossy bank.graham replica watches

Lower down the hillside is the garden of the Jikko-in temple, which is a pond viewing garden. The pond is fed from the adjacent stream and is laid out in the shape of the Chinese character for the heart.� The picture shows a stone bridge crossing the stream and steps climbing up hill to the pagoda at the top. The garden continues to the west as a stroll garden with a rare winter flowering cherry and more wonderful ancient lanterns. This one is a Kasuga.


The garden leads on to the teagarden with classic features of waiting arbour, basin, winding path to the teahouse.