Sukiya Arbour

The Sukiya arbour is a traditional Machiai waiting arbour and forms an essential element of the tea ceremony. It is a typical "bus shelter" style and has two forms, a single sided roof when sited against a wall or a double-sided roof when free standing. As with most of our buildings it is configurable and the picture shows a single sided cedar guttered roof with shoji style panels and moon windows with bamboo figure-work. This building has a deck although traditional models have a paved/cobbled Nobedan floor. It is available in two standard sizes, the larger one having the double-sided roof.

Configurations shown:
Top: Small arbour with single sided roof, gutter, shoji panels & bench
Bottom: Large arbour with double sided roof, shoji & lattice panels & bench

Prices (Delivery & Installation extra):

0.9 x 1.5m£1720
1.2 x 1.8m£1924£1764


Bamboo Gutter (for use with rain chain) : £30
Copper gutter, hopper & crown cup rain chain £POA
Deck/Floor : £75 per square metre
Bench Seat: £75/£90