Sukiya Cha-shitsu & Sama hausu

Jade Pavilions is proud to announce a range of high specification, Japanese tea and summer houses (chashitsu & sama hausu) with traditional shoji paper doors, amado storm shutters and tatami mat (176 x 88 cm) floors which aim to reproduce as closely as possible the Sukiya Shoin style. These post and beam houses draw on the Japanese theory of proportions (kiwari) where elements of structure are sized in proportion to the standard column and use traditional materials and methods. This leads naturally to a harmonious structure and this, along with tatami mats and the earth colors of the exterior and interior finishes, account for the calm and relaxing atmosphere of these structures. best replica watches for sale

The houses are constructed from Douglas fir, have pegged, mortice & tenon joints, raised floors with three levels of structure, Japanese roof framing and external verandas with rain shutter cases. Exterior walls are finished with lime render or a combination of lime and timber both of which closely resemble traditional Japanese finishes.
Modular construction allows great flexibility in the location of doors, windows and floor layout. So each house can be designed to make the most of its surroundings. Larger houses may be thought of as a number of smaller units arranged in interesting ways. These houses are traditional Japanese structures. Nevertheless, they can adapt easily to modern life : one may provide an area for the peace and tranquillity of the tea ceremony, another a place to relax in summer, an office in the garden or with the larger houses, an annex or summer cottage.

The upper image shows a 4.5 mat sama-hausu (summer house) with verandas on two sides and a lime rendered exterior.
The lower image shows a 4.5 mat chashitsu (tea house) with low guest entrance. The full height door is the entrance to the tea-kitchenette and could be a exit from the main house.

Please see : for more details of these and other buildings.

Prices (Delivery & Installation extra):

Both Chashitsu4.5 jo7.0 sq metre75 sq feetPOA
& Sama Hausu6 jo9.3 sq metre100 sq feetPOA
Styles8 jo12.4 sq metre133 sq feetPOA


Floor - Chestnut boards or Douglas Fir boards with tatami mats
Walls - lime render exterior with plaster & skim boarded interior
Doors - Shoji doors with storm shutters
Ceiling - boarded
Roof - larch shingles or single piece blanc-vert membrane
Veranda, external with eave