Miyagawa Bridge

The Miyagawa Bridge is the traditional arched Japanese bridge available in a range of sizes from 2m to 5m in length. The standard passageway width is 0.8m but can be varied up to 1.2m. The smaller bridges have three sections whereas the larger ones have five. The centre section has a decorative Lotus panel, which may match those on the teahouse. The degree of curvature may vary from decorative to practical and depends on usage. There is a small step (16cm) up on to the deck at each end. The bridge posts are finished with a ball finial and the deck is a treated ridged decking board.

See miscellaneous section for details of base construction.

Bridges shown:
Top: 2m wide bridge
Middle: 5.5m red bridge with black deck
Bottom: 6.9m bridge with flat 6.3m Arashiyama bridge in background

Prices (Delivery & Installation extra):



Wisteria Post & Trellis: POA
The price of intermediate sizes can be interpolated