Grand Chinese Taroko Entrance

This entrance was inspired by the elaborate structure marking the entrance to the Taroko Gorge in the mountains of central Taiwan. The central roof is constructed with all round hips and matching lower roofs. The entrance width may be varied between 1.4m and 2m with a depth of 0.8m between posts. The subsidiary outer posts are 0.3m from the inner posts giving the unit an overall width of 2.4m to 3.0m. Four Yin-yang brackets support the central arch. The headroom is 2.0m and the posts are supplied long in order that they may be set in concrete. The larger unit was custom built to house two life size terracotta warriors, who stand guard in weatherproof sentry boxes, which utilise our standard shoji panels.

Prices (Delivery & installation extra).

Prices (Delivery & Installation extra):

Overall Width2.4m3.0mCustom


Standard or upswept corners and horns.