Moon Fence/Gate

The moon entrance/fence provides a symbolic barrier and entrance with or without a moon window. The window may also be sculptured as a moon gate. The trellis is constructed from heavy gauge treated timber at random or graded spacing between treated pine posts. Provision is made for an entrance between the posts and moon window if required. The moon window is constructed of laminated pine circle approximately 1.3m diameter. The fence is capped with a small cedar shingle roof. Such roofs can be single sided and attached to a wall or double sided as shown.

The top example shown is some 6m in length with the fence following the contours of the ground as it crosses the stream. This item is custom built.

The middle example shows a 5m run without an entrance, mounted on an existing oak wall.

The lower example is a single sided roof element providing a lateral element and a visual limit to the garden and less than satisfactory building behind.

Price guide: Approx 200/linear metre.