Chumon Gate

The Chumon gate is generally found at the entrance to the inner garden of the roji (tea-garden)which is bounded by the 4-eye fence (yotsume-gaki). The gate is a traditional style with large cedar roof supported on joists mortised into two substantial treated timber posts, sheltering the bamboo lattice gate (shiorido). The gate is approximately 0.9m wide and 1.05m high. The overall headroom is 2m and the roof is 1.6m by 0.75m (distance between the rafter supporting beam. The posts and joists can be finished in one of our standard colours. The bamboo gate is natural finish.

We are also able to offer the traditional Yotsume-gaki fence which is supported by treated timber posts. The fence panels are approximately 2.9m in length and 1m in height.

Prices (Delivery & Installation extra):

Yotsume-gaki Fence90/metre