Teahouse Configuration Guide

Our pavilions are available in various models and formats with differing roof curvatures, sizes, cladding, colours etc. Some of the alternatives are mutually exclusive and some options dependent and mandatory.

Select a model, which is based on floor plan & roof style. The choice is:

Triangular = Orange Blossom

Square = Summer Moon *

Rectangular & Pyramidal = Jade Mountain *

Rectangular & Ridged = Yangmingshan * or Kiyamizu *

5, 6 or 8 Sided = Fuji-san

* verandas can be fitted on larger sizes.

Select the degree of roof curvature required. The choice is based on the depth of ridge board and is:

- 320mm ridge, standard curvature (200mm lift) (Japanese style)
- 480mm ridge with upswept ends (350mm lift) (Chinese style) - Horns are available on this option

Top left upswept corner, bottom standard. Right vertical and horizontal aspect horns

The standard roof overhang is 200mm but can be extended in 100mm increments.

Select a format from:

Pavilion with open sides. Each side is braced with yin-yang brackets (2). Red Dream panels can be used at the eaves in place of yin-yang brackets.

Gazebo with lattice panelled half height sides. The choice of panel includes framed bamboo panels, Japanese lattice or Chinese lattice panels. The side must also be braced with yin-yang brackets.

Teahouse with figured Shoji panels. Options include plain walls, moon gazing windows and sliding doors. The posts and lintels of a teahouse are square in section (normally round) to accommodate the walling and sliding doors (waxed runner) offered. Note moon gazing windows are normally unglazed although an acrylic glazing pane can be provided. Doors on walls less than 2.4m will be bi-folded doors. Doors may be glazed in acrylic with opalescent acrylic as an optional extra as is overhead sliding door track.

Decide upon the size of pavilion required. The figures shown refer to the size of the wall units between the roof supporting posts. (1.2m (4'), 1.8m (6'), 2.4m (8'), 3.0m (10') and 3.6m (12') are standard. Verandas are usually 1.5m (5') minimum depth. Other/larger sizes can be custom made. Roofs are pitched at 32-38. Eaves height is 1.82m (6') standard.

Select cladding as required to fill the wall length of the selected size. The standard panels sizes are 0.6m, 1.2 & 1.8m (2, 4 & 6' respectively). A 1.7m wall section will be charged as a 1.8m section and a 3.0m wall charged as a 1.2m plus a 1.8m section.

Finally choose a colour from our standard range of Protek Products award winning premium range of new and traditional colours:

Japanese Dark Oak/Gold or Black/Red (finial, lintel and rafter ends are red)
Chinese Dark Green/Red or Cranberry/Gold
Cedar, Lupine & Iris

A colour matching service is available at a small additional cost.

Long posts can be provided to plant direct into the ground; otherwise standard posts are supplied with base plates to fix to deck/base. Decking floors are available as optional extra.