Care & Maintenance

The life expectancy of CCA treated timber is given in excess of 25 years providing cut surfaces are treated. Jade Pavilions use Hickson's Endsele treatment on all joints and cut surfaces prior to any decorative finishing.

The life expectancy of untreated bamboo panels is only 2-3 years, but may be extended considerably by treatment.

The following care programme is recommended.


Treat with exterior varnish or use a diluted boiled linseed oil solution (50% oil, 50% turpentine). Thereafter treat within a two year cycle. Such treatment should only be applied during dry weather when the water content of the wood is less than 25%.

Shoji Screens

Remove any dirty marks on the white PVC panels with a gentle cream cleaner (e.g. Jif). These may be washed with warm soapy water or hosed down.

Every 5 years

  1. Brush surface contamination from the shingles with a stiff brush and treat with Cedar/Teak Oil.
  2. Brush or scrub surface contamination from treated surfaces of post and lintel frame or external cladding etc. and apply a single coat of decorative wood treatment. The treatment used is a water based acrylic, micro-porous pigmented preservative manufactured by Protek and available from Jade Pavilions. Such treatment should only be applied in dry weather when the water content of the wood is below 25%. Other equivalent products are available on the market.
  3. Check state of fixings and replace those in poor condition.