One of the most important things for the energy efficiency of your home is to install the best windows possible. There are many different types of energy efficient windows that can save you money on your energy costs, and it’s important to understand the types of windows that can offer you more energy efficiency.

Types of Windows:

  1. Vinyl Windows. These are normally the lowest grade windows that you can buy, but there are many vinyl windows that will deliver you increased energy efficiency while not costing you an arm and a leg. There is a good window buying guide that you an look at here:
  2. Wood Windows. These are generally the next step up from vinyl windows, and not only are they suited for a better looking window, but they will give you a bit better efficiency than your typical vinyl windows. There are many different wood windows to choose from such as Pella, Andersen, and many other brands, but you can also find cheaper alternatives by calling your local window installation professional to ask if they have good wood windows to offer you. Many homeowners choose wood windows because of the look they provide, and the wood can last a very long time, making for a great long term investment. Wood also offers great energy efficiency.
  3. Fiberglass windows. This is the Cadillac of the home window industry, and you can find many great fiberglass window brands like Andersen, Infinity, and a few other brands that are on the market. Fiberglass comes at a high cost, but the energy efficiency is the highest out of any window that you can choose.



Window Replacement is not an easy decision, and requires many hours of research to choose what is going to be best for your situation. We recommend getting multiple bids from different companies to see what the price is going to be.

The most important thing that you can hope for when replacing your windows is to get an window installation expert to help you with the process. If your windows are not installed properly, you may have to redo them just a couple years down the road. There may be things like seals that can break, or the windows may be offset and without the proper shims, which will allow the insulation to not work properly.

Installing windows is not an easy job, so make sure to ask your preferred window installation specialist how they have done, and ask for customer testimonials.

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